US hypercar wants to eat Bugattis for breakfast

US hypercar wants to eat Bugattis for breakfast
Sealy, Texas – Hennessey Performance, a US company best known for its tuning exploits, is developing its own supercar and the newcomer has its sights set on eating the Bugatti Chiron for breakfast.

Set to be unveiled later in the year, the Venom F5 will allegedly produce more than 1080kW and will have a top speed in excess of 290mph (467km/h), thereby eclipsing the Bugatti, which is electronically limited to 420km/h, as the world’s fastest series-production supercar.
The American beast’s creator won’t tell us much else in the way of specifics, except that the F5, which is named after a tornado, will have its own unique chassis and design, featuring “cutting-edge” technology on all counts.
The Venom F5 will replace the Venom #GT, which has its own set of speed records, but expect the newcomer to be produced in greater quantities.
Hennessey has set up a new company to design, build and sell the F5, although it will operate from the same Texas facility as the tuning company.
“This is a new chapter in an all new book,” said company founder and CEO John Hennessey.