Bentley gets new wings in SA

Bentley gets new wings in SA
MOTORING NEWS – Bentley has a new home in SA. The luxury British car maker has appointed LSM Distributors, the company behind Porsche in the country as its new distributor after the previous arrangement with Imperial Group came to an end.

This now places it under the control of Toby Venter, CEO of LSM Distributors, who also owns the iconic Kyalami circuit in Gauteng.
Venter says that his decision to take on the distribution of Bentley is based in part on the brand’s positioning within the Volkswagen Group. “Porsche, Bentley and Bugatti are part of one business unit in the group now. We have been offered many great brands over the years and declined them,” says Venter.

“Bentley is part of the Porsche business unit and its pricing model takes off where Porsche pricing stops. There are lots of historical parallels between the brands. Both are purist brands.

Neil Wilford, Bentley’s regional manager for Middle East, Africa and India says: “We are delighted to have LSM Distributors Group as our new retailer partner, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship,”