BMW M140i: A burbling sensation of rear-wheel action

BMW M140i: A burbling sensation of rear-wheel action
Cape Town – There is and probably will always be one BMW that will get tongues wagging more than most; the M3 (and of late its two-door sibling the M4).

But those M-badged performance vehicles, despite being utterly brilliant as driver’s cars, are out of reach, at least financially, for most South Africans.
They are fun, engaging and deliver smiles by the bucketload but few will ever get to experience true M-power.
Fortunately, BMW has another model a bit lower down its ranks, the M140i. It might not have the same pedigree nor performance of an M3/M4 but it’s still one heck of a vehicle.
The numbers
At R652 802 the M140i automatic is roughly R440 000 cheaper than an M3. Sure, it still costs more than R600k but at least you won’t have to spend more than a million on a performance car.
In addition, measured against its rivals – such as the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Ford Focus RS – the Beemer undercuts both vehicles in terms of price. Many might argue that you are still paying a pretty penny for a ‘hot hatch but keep in mind that this is an M-car… Maybe not a full-blooded M-baged monster but one nonetheless
Under the bonnet it uses BMW’s familiar 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine. Thanks to the addition of a turbo, power peaks at 250kW/500Nm. A 0-100km/h sprint is dispatched in 4.6sec and top speed is rated at 250km/h. Also it can comfortably seat five passengers.
On paper this BMW makes sense from a performance point of view. The automaker does claim a fuel economy of 7.1 litre/100km but given the nature of the car you’re probably not going to achieve that