BMW R 1200 GS 2016 Concrete Jungle Dopamine Rush, or? By Dante Gous

BMW R 1200 GS 2016 Concrete Jungle Dopamine Rush, or? By Dante Gous

It would appear that Carl Wernicke’s (a German physician, anatomist, psychiatrist and neuropathologist) work inspired Arvid Carlsson tremendously. Carlsson, a Swedish Nobel Laureate pharmacologist better known as the father of Dopamine, seemingly influenced the BMW manufacturers with objective precision. The “feel good rush” created by the R1200GS is in many an eye unmatched in the concrete jungle!

For many it is ineluctable, but then there are those who managed to “evolve” out of the unavoidable traffic. It is therefore no surprize that BMW capitalized on this entrapment with a bike they call the “king of the road”, or is it?

From looks to function, the 2016 BMW R1200GS is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile bikes on the market. Being able to take you almost anywhere through any weather conditions (and believe me when I say any weather conditions) especially the wet, cold and windy Cape winters. This German precision machine does it in style. Assisted by comfort and reassured by some of the latest and most advanced technical specs and safety features, the GS boasts with more than you would find on an average modern motorcycle.

Starting off, as you might know, this is quite a big bike with a weight to match (238kg. fully fuelled) and isn’t something which should be taken “lightly” if you’re not an experienced rider. Fortunately this fine piece of craftsmanship handles like a dream, supported by an upright seating position, wide handlebar, adjustable suspension and the seat height makes for easy adapting either way. There are many pavements or bricks for the dynamically shaped riders, but if you are about 1.76 or taller you will find the bike manageable in the low seating position.

At the heart of the GS sits the 1170cc air & liquid cooled four stroke flat twin Boxer Engine that powers the large frame with 92 Kw (125hp @ 7750 rpm) and 125 Nm (@ 6500 rpm), adding up to a satisfying acceleration whenever you want to drop your wrist. The GS offers more than ample grunt to support a pillion and 3 full panniers.

When turning in for a pit stop to refuel you’ll find a quite substantial 20L tank which, according to the book, should give a reach of around 360 kilo’s travelling at a “constant” 120km/h. But ultimately ones riding style will depict how much range this big engine will reward you with!

So what is the niche or target market according to the BMW design team? I am sure this “adventure” thing is “spot on”, proven by the popularity and sales of these bikes. The freedom of the open road experienced on the back of a GS seems to be the correct stress releasing antidote to many of the “city men`s” day to day office or work related “prisons”.

As a commuter the GS definitely doesn’t take my first place. As comfortable ride as it is, it’s built for the open roads. The GS is tough enough to handle any road and with the emphasis very firmly placed by Raphael Wanitschle, the chassis engineer, on all the elements of comfort on hand. The GS spoils you with on-board electronic adjustable suspension (ESA), cruise control, stability control, ABS, five riding modes, tire pressure sensors and even heated grips! What more do you want?

So whether you’re planning a holiday trip with the wife, going away for the weekend with the guys or just doing an early Sunday morning run, the BMW R1200 GS is the way to go and will do so whilst offering a free flow of dopamine!

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