Brabus 850 Cabrio – 625kW & 1450Nm!

Brabus 850 Cabrio – 625kW & 1450Nm!

Le Mans, France – There is a word in Jozi slang that perfectly describes the Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo cabrio. Siriaas.

In every way. The show car, revealed at the weekend’s 24 Heures du Mans, is based on the Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet, is built with the help of technology partner Motul and flaunts its bad-ass attitude with a carbon-fibre body kit and 21 inch forged-alloy rims.

And it boasts siriaas numbers as well. The S63’s standard 5.5-litre biturbo V8 has been both bored and stroked (by way of a forged Brabus long-stroke crankshaft, high-performance con-rods and special oversize forged pistons) from 5460cc to 5912cc, and the combustion chambers machined to match.

It breathes in through oversized carbo-fibre airboxes and ducting (shielded from engine heat by Brabus’ signature gold foil), and bigger Brabus-spec turbos on modified manifolds, and out through 75mm stainless-steel downpipes, free-flow sports catalysers and a Brabus sports exhaust with driver-controlled butterfly valves.

These, according to Brabus, make it even quieter than the stock AMG auspuff when they’re closed (Brabus calls it ‘Coming home’ mode) – and siriaas-ly sporty when they’re open.

Even more siriaas are the performance figures: Brabus says the engine is good for 625kW at 5400 revs and 1450Nm from 2500-4500rpm, but the seven-speed paddle-shift transmission and all-wheel 4Matic drive train aren’t up to it, so in the car it’s limited to ‘only’ 1150Nm.

Siriaas performance

Zero to 100km/h takes just 3.5 seconds, 200km/h comes up in 9.4 and top speed is electronically limited to 350km/h in the interests of tyre safety. That makes it, according to Brabus, the world’s fastest and most powerful all-wheel drive four-seater cabriolet.

The show car runs 21 inch Brabus Monobloc Platinum Edition rims with 255/35 front and 295/30 rear radials, with a specially-calibrated 15mm suspension lowering kit; Brabus rims from 18 to 22 inch diameters are available to order.

Interior upgrades include Brabus’ signature 400km/h speedometer, custom paddle shifters, pedals and door pins in aluminium alloy, sill plates with a backlit Brabus logo that changes colour to match the interior ambient lighting, and custom-made carbon-fibre trim elements.

Brabus says it can supply the 850 6.0 Biturbo Cabrio as a complete car, or create one just for you on the basis of any current Mercedes S63 two-door.

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