(In Case of Emergency – Camera Accident Motorbike Surveillance)

Article: Johann van Tonder   Photos: Andre van Tonder

While Ultimate Drive usually test cars and bikes, sometimes we also get to test some pretty nifty accessories. In this case a “dashcam” called ICE-CAMS PRO, developed specifically to protect motorcyclists in South Africa.

Lots of motorcyclists today carry helmet cams to record their rides, but these usually have limited battery life and recording time, so they are unlikely to be recording all the time. Furthermore they only record what the motorcyclist sees, leaving out a significant proportion of what is happening in the traffic around the motorcyclist.

The ICE-CAM PRO is designed to be a “dashcam” first (although we caught some awesome ride and trip footage with it) so it’s always on and on top of that, the two wide angle lenses record what is happening both in front and to the rear of the motorcycle all the time. This means you can record awesome footage of both the bike in front of you and the bike behind you while riding through a pass! But I digress.

First things first. Installation of the camera is an easy process, with two small and discreet waterproof cameras that can be fitted anywhere on the front and rear of the motorcycle. In our case they were mounted just below the front and rear lights and, as can be seen in the picture, they are discreet indeed! There is a 2” screen that can be fitted to your dash, but we preferred to place it under the seat as to not attract unnecessary attention to the bike while parked. The screen is only used to set up your preferred settings and it’s better not to glimpse at or fidget with while riding.

The touch screen unit offers 2-channel playback of recorded footage (audio & video) from both the cameras running. The little touchscreen unit offers a few cool options like Full-Screen Front Camera, Split-Screen both Cameras and Full-Screen Rear Camera. No matter how you fit the cameras, you have the option to rotate the lens to the correct recording or viewing angle. The video quality of 720 HD is perfect for its intended use, capturing video of adequate quality without using too much space on the MicroSD card. The recording doesn’t record one single long video session, but gives you a series of 90-second consecutive sessions instead. This makes it easy for browsing through the footage and pulling only selected clips from the MicroSD card. A 32-Gig MicroSD card will give around 2 hours and 45 mins recording time, recording continiously in a loop over the oldest footage. The intelligent power supply powers up the DVR as soon as it picks up vibration that lasts longer than 1.5 seconds. The cam continues to record even while you are idling, and as soon as your motorcycle is turned off and no vibration detected, the power supply disconnects and the DVR starts a countdown of 3 seconds to complete the shut down process. In this way, the battery power of your dashcam will allow battery power to flow only when needed, preventing drained batteries when least needed or expected.


We tested the unit in traffic, high speed highway cruising, on corrugated gravel and adventure rides, at night and even in the rain. What impressed most is the auto stabilization of the recording, not even shaking about on badly corrugated gravel, but giving a clear and stable recording of the ride. During a mass ride at night and in the rain, the camera still supplied good video, surpassing all our expectations considering the relative affordable price of the unit with two cameras. Most important though, considering it’s primary function as a “dashcam”, you can easily read the registration numbers of the traffic around you. Something that will be extremely useful in case of an accident.


This offers motorcyclists the ultimate in legal protection in the event of accidents, giving a bird’s eye view of both the front and rear of the motorcycle. Unfortunately, more often than not in accidents involving motorcyclists, the motorcyclist is inevitably considered the one to blame for the accident. However, the new and original ICE-CAMS PRO puts the power and proof firmly in the hands of the motorcyclist. Proving your case in any accident that may end in court, with the time and trouble that these processes can result in, being able to prove your innocence with the footage of your ICE-CAMS PRO is as easy as submitting the actual footage of the incident.

This was one of our most pleasant tests to date of a quality product that surpassed our expectations. We not only rate this product, we recommend buying one. It’s something no motorcyclist should be riding without.

ICE-CAMS PRO sell for R2449-00. On top of that a wonderful incentive is offered by ICE-TAGS where they hand out R100 gift vouchers for footage sent as a youtube link to them for placing on the ICE-TAGS Youtube channel.  See for more details.