Morgan EV3: All-electric 3-wheeler

Morgan EV3: All-electric 3-wheeler
Morgan is known for being a traditional car manufacturer, but the company is now looking at alternatives. One avenue is their promise to produce a fully hybrid range by 2019.

The British brand used the recent Geneva Motor Show to debut a fully electric version of its three-wheeler with a 241km range.
Instead of the V-Twin motor attached to the front of the regular 3-Wheeler, the EV3 is powered by a 46kW electric motor attached to the rear wheel.
That’s not a lot, but with three wheels rather than four, the weight is kept down to under 500kg. The light weight means the low-power EV will hit 100km/h in 9 seconds, with a claimed range of 241km.
The vehicle’s low kerb weight also means it only needs a 20kW liquid cooled battery to achieve these figures, as opposed to the minimum 75kW battery size Tesla needs to power a full sized, heavy family sedan.
Morgan describes the vehicle shown in Geneva as a ” final pre-production phase” car. It’s expected to go into production later this year, with more information to follow.
The British bespoke three-wheel car is light, which means the performance is not too shabby.