Nissan GT-R: Godzilla remains an SA favourite

Nissan GT-R: Godzilla remains an SA favourite

South Africa – The Nissan GT-R looks set to keep its title as South Africa’s best-selling supercar, says Nissan SA.

The first 2017-spec Nissan GT-Rs were made available in 2016 and were all sold well before the supercars arrived in South Africa. To date, more than 500 GT-Rs have been sold in South Africa, making it one of the country’s most popular supercars

The Nissan MY17 R35 GT-R is available from both High Performance Centres; Melrose Nissan and BB GT-R Hatfield at R2 150 000 for the Premium edition and R2 250 000 for the Black Edition.

Nissan says: “We often quip that the GT-R defies the laws of the vehicle market in much the same way as it defies the laws of physics.”

For 2017, the new GT-R order book is filling up fast with special orders from customers with particular needs, while both Nissan High Performance Centres in South Africa have ordered a few standard versions for new customers or occasional impulse buyers

Nissan said: “It seems as though the GT-R Black Edition, with its new red and black interior and Recaro sport seats, is the most popular model.

“At R2 250 000 the GT-R surely offers the best ratio of power and performance for your money.”

Donovan Lötter, new vehicle sales manager at Melrose Nissan says: “One of our first 2017-spec models was sold to a fourth-generation GT-R owner. It seems that once you have owned a GT-R, you remain a loyal fan and customer for life.”

“This community often discusses available models among themselves on social media and WhatsApp groups. Often, a customer’s trade-in model is already spoken for by a fellow enthusiast within the GT-R community.”

“Once owners and prospective customers realised that it is virtually impossible to break the engine and gearbox, the demand for used GT-Rs became stronger than ever.”