We are going to TV!

We are going to TV!

Ultimate Drive in conjunction with Hartland Studios started filming a new series called Ultimate Garden Route. The new series will focus on cars and tourism in our beautiful area.

The Ultimate Drive team travels through the Garden Route visiting exciting place and meeting amazing people, as they test drive a new vehicle in every episode. The first episode was shot in Knysna and will feature Honda’s new Type R!

Furthermore one lucky reader had the chance to experience the Type R first hand! Jan Hendrik Vorster got to ride along in the fabulous Type R. The fastest and most powerful front wheel drive car on the planet sports 228kW and 400Nm and sprints from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 5,7 seconds!

We would like to give another lucky reader the opportunity to experience a scenic drive as a passenger in one of our exciting test vehicles. Whether it is a top of the line luxury car or an exciting performance car, it is bound to be an experience you will never forget.

This lucky draw is open to all. To qualify like our Facebook Page Ultimate Drive Southern Cape and the next happy passenger could be you!